How Beyonce is Re-Defining and Re-Branding Feminism

by ThinkFeminist on December 14, 2013

After waking up to the most creative musician entertainer of all times dropping an album, it was necessary that I purchase the said album. No doubt that keeping her album silent and dropping it overnight is game-changer in the music industry going forward. Queen Bey continues to set the stage. Beyonce is probably the most well-rounded feminist I know (career, motherhood, and happily married to power but not cracking). She is talented and bloody-ambitious, a killer combination for a feminist, but she pushes the boundaries even further, she powerfully commands her body, and wields this power over men and women alike, drawing them into her sex-positive energy that is bound to get you inside your feelings (listen to SuperPower featuring Frank Ocean, a favorite of mine). And her French lyrics in “Partition” blew me away! In one of the lyrics, translated here, she says “Do you like sex? Sex. I mean, the physical activity. Coitus. Do you like it? You’re not interested in sex? Men think that feminists hate sex, but it’s a very stimulating and natural activity that women love.

Beyonce continues to define feminism in a way that no other woman has been able to do well. Most women, like Sheryl Sandberg discusses feminism in terms of career, academics and/or accomplishments (or should I say leaning in). For Beyonce, it’s about ruthlessly following your heart and dreams, making choices that are fully representative of who you are or hope to be. She pushes the envelope by surprising us all, making it hard for us to say no to her eager demands. That simple act of dropping an album overnight without any warning or a fancy announcement, goes to show that this queen of pop is not about the fancy dandy, she is about getting shit done.

While so many feminist criticize her for flaunting her body or going by her married name, she responds to them with a badass show-stopper last night, redefining feminism and making it about women themselves. Feminism shouldn’t be a one size fit all thing, it shouldn’t be anti-man or anti-anything for that matter. Ain’t nobody got time for hating, we should be about business. Business of going after our passion and having the most fun we can. So what if I love to wear lingerie in public, why should that define my capabilities or question my solidarity for female equality?  Personally, this album appeals to me because it truly expresses how I feel about feminism, women, men, sex, love, and power. Beyonce is redefining feminism the right way….asking women to go after everything they want – love, career, motherhood, wife, fun. It’s the right way to live.

If a Lean-In book by a Wall-Street company CEO can be touted as feminism, so should a badass music album that expresses the true individualism of women. If we are looking to rebrand feminism, Beyonce is a great example to start with. March on Queen Bey!

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