All the Passion and Inspiration you seek Lies Within You

by ThinkFeminist on January 16, 2013


The greatest gift is a portion of thyself – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you look to my sidebar, you will find a long list of books I am reading this month. It is a big time commitment for me as I strive to balance full-time work, motherhood, fitness (cross training, running and yoga) with this blog and that blog. Of course, I am insane pairing this up with my passion to launch a startup. This morning, I woke up at 3:00am sipped on some tea, wore my yoga pants and focused on my breath, my meditation and my mat. I prayed quietly and my soul thanked me. Because, see prayer is not for God, he already knows what your heart desires. Prayer is for you, to fully connect to your spirituality and function with a freeing mind.

After doing some light reading. I decided that I will start something different on this blog. I want to start interviewing strong, passionate women who boldly follow their passion. I want to engage women in the art of good old conversation on their journey, pain, sufferings, joy, ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. I want to give these women a chance to brag a little bit and to own their success. I also want to help other women who may be struggling envision their own success just by listening in to these women.

So, will you join me? I wanted to start by sending a few invitations to my friends, but I will start with ‘you’ first. I want to extend to you, the opportunity to talk about your ideas, goals and achievements.

Do you want to be moved, magnetic and memorable? Do you want to inspire others and help them grow? Then I want you…

Please email me at or even simpler, tweet me @ThinkFeminist We can chat, we can skype, we can do email. Whatever you feel comfortable with, but try as much as possible also to challenge yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone, this is when you truly and freely give yourself to the service of others.

Will you join me?

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