Kids, Friends, Love, err thing!

by ThinkFeminist on February 25, 2014

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I am in picture overload mode and I wish I could upload the gazillion pictures of the kids I’ve taken in the last two weeks. It’s been a crazy month with the passing of Camille’s grandpa and the outpour of love from everyone. Camille’s birthday is coming up and she wants the day to be special, and apparently so does her friend. They traveled from New York and West Virginia back-to-back, so she had guest two weekends in a row. We all had a blast. My friends are the most amazing women, and I love them so much. It’s great to have kids Camille age who really love her and she loves them to the moon and back as well. Camille and her friends visited the Philly Art Center, Please Touch Museum, Smith PlayHouse, King of Prussia Mall, Shops at Liberty and ChuckECheese.

I have learned that kids have the power to strengthen relationships and I am so grateful for mine and these three above, they are truly remarkable and I can only pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and good health as the grow an mature into great men and women.

What a fun time!



snow be gone, fer real

by ThinkFeminist on February 18, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetfer real , I’ve had it. I am not one to complain much about the cold weather simply because I grew up in a harsh tropical condition in Africa. The cold or snow is welcomed with relief, and for me,  it’s a sign that there is God! Cos, who else can play with the thermostat like this? I became slightly irritated this last week because my water pipe busted, we are still without water since the long weekend and holiday meant the city of Philadelphia was not open, hence we have no permit to dig just outside of the building to locate the busted pipe. Anyways, I am not happy.

On the other hand, we have a soon-to-be  5-year old who is absolutely taking advantage of this crazy weather. She loves to go sledding, running and laying down in the snow. I captured a lot on my DSLR, however these are iPhone pictures.

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To add to the ugliness of this winter, Camille lost her Grandpa last week as well. We broke the news to her and tried explaining it in kiddo-terms, she was completely devastated. We had just spent some time with Grandpa this past holiday and she can’t comprehend that she will never see him again. We are in deep sorrow and can’t wrap our minds around what happened. Please keep us all in your prayers.



Philadelphia Museum of Art | Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesday

by ThinkFeminist on February 6, 2014

Since moving to Philly in the last month, the cold weather keeps cramping all the ideas I have about exploring the city. However, I have decided that I will not allow this gloomy outdoors deter me from exploring our new city. I decided to take Camille to the Art Museum this past Wednesday and it was a blast. The Museum’s main building is open from 5:00p.m to 8:45 p.m. every Wednesday. The event is  casual, exciting, and illuminating. There is a chance to explore the Museum and its remarkable collections in “inventive, interactive, and dynamic new ways”.

We registered at the front desk and I paid $5 each for the three of my family attending (myself, Camille and Dad).

For kids under 7 years-old, there was a Night-Owl Read and Look, a pre-bedtime story, art project, and imaginative play in the galleries. Camille met up with a  handful of toddlers who were also accompanied by their parents and guardians. So, we had to stay with kids for the entire 45mins. It was fun, and by the end of it, I wished we still had more time. It started with a short story at the entrance of the museum, and then the kids took the stairs to the galleries where they stopped and explored art, while identifying shapes and expressions. Camille was very energetic the whole time, I was very proud of her. The group then sat down for yet another story, while making shapes out of strings. This was soon accompanied with an art project of cardboard papers, glue, various shapes for creating a piece of artwork that aligned with their current mood. Camille had lots of “heart-shaped” colors :)

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My Dad and I got a chance to explore the Masterpieces of the Museum on a tour with Joshua Helmer, featuring works by such artists as Van Eyck, Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso, and others, “The Masterpieces” tour delivers a look at some of the collection’s greatest treasures. We encountered a yoga session on our tour and I immediately remembered that I had previously wanted to take yoga but I left my mat since I didn’t want to leave my dad alone with Camille for the tour. I intend on attending solo next time to take full advantage of this class.

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Overall, our first time at the museum was a success. I am thinking of buying a one-year membership pass so I can take full advantage of this amazing resource. We had a beautiful time, and will definitely go back.


[sweat all over]

by ThinkFeminist on January 31, 2014

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Last year, I fell off my usual exercise routine which resulted in muscle losses, overeating and basic laziness. So this year, I re-committed to my old lifestyle. So far, I haven’t gone everyday like I had hoped for, but I have made the most of my time at the gym. I usually do some running, weightlifting and spinning….that has not changed. I love yoga, but I just can’t commit to it right now, it’s too expensive and time-consuming for me. Yep!

So, what are your exercise routines and how have you kept up with your resolution to stay fit in 2014?

PS: This picture was taken at SweatFitness, Queen Village where I am a member. Enjoy Superbowl weekend!




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Getting HyperLocal || Shot Tower Coffee

by ThinkFeminist on January 30, 2014

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I am a coffee-addict. I drink at least four cups of coffee a day. I try to add some tea to the mix, but coffee is still a huge winner. Let me tell you, I love my coffee black, bold and flavorful. I decided I was going to visit some of the nice coffee shops in Philadelphia to satisfy my curiosity. Turns out, one of the best coffee shops in town is only couple blocks away from me. I quickly made my way there on a snowy Wednesday morning. As you can see, I was not disappointed. Shot Tower Coffee located at 542 Christian Street, 19147  has the vibrancy, energy and effects that sets it apart from others. The open layout, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed bricks and hardwood floors makes this an urban-minimalist dream decor. I fell in love with it immediately.

I ordered the almond-milk capuccino and the second day I visited, I ordered the croissants and stumptown drip coffee. This is a must-visit coffee shop if you are in the Philadelphia area.





Benjamin Franklin Museum

by ThinkFeminist on January 23, 2014

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We paid a visit to the Benjamin Franklin Museum last weekend to mark his birthday. He was born on January 17, 1706. The world-class museum features personal artifacts, computer animations and interactive displays exploring Franklin’s life as a private citizen and statesman. All-ages exhibits and displays offer visitors educational and fun ways to learn about Benjamin Franklin and the 18th century. Camille and I played a game called ‘Curious” where we find Skugg, Benjamin Franklin’s squirrel friends in various rooms in the museum.

The fee to the museum is only $5 for Adults and $2 for kids. We didn’t pay a fee, courtesy of





Public School Enrollment Crunch in Philadelphia

January 21, 2014

Today is beginning of Week 4 in Philadelphia and Day 1 of kindergarten registration for our neighborhood public school, William Meredith Elementary school.  Meredith Elementary is a  ’Best Practices” K-8 school and considered a top-notch school in the city of Philadelphia. Although I woke up at 6am this morning, I was occupied by various thoughts, […]

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